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Please give me a call and I can get you some great shots or videos for your websites or print needs.

Serge Rodnunsky  loves to create images and films, he was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. He lives in Los Angeles and has worked all over the US and Canada.
He began his career in New York as a dancer and choreographer and Physics Major at NYU – a slightly eclectic and diverse education. He has worked with such notable dancer/choreographers as Mikhail Baryshnikov, Agnes De Mille and George Balanchine. On stage he was a regular member of American Ballet Theater and in the Broadway Show “Cats” , he has acted in and choreographed on numerous films and television programs. And was also a dancer on the TV series “Fame”.
Serge’s theatrical background in acting, and dance, plus his creative insight and spatial understanding of camera have proven to be instrumental in his success as a filmmaker and story teller. He has a visual eye for movement that lends itself to high energy and action development. He has produced almost 50 feature films and worked with numerous Academy Award Winning Actors.

He has written almost 200 scripts in pretty much every genre. He tries to work from character development first and then build plot from there. The objective being to succeed in a suspenseful unpredictable narrative throughout the story.

Serge is a people person and works to maintain a low key effective working environment in all the projects he has been involved with. He is honest and easy to work with.


I've shot all cameras I currently like my Canon gear 5D, 6D and 7D. I love to shoot exteriors with natural light and supplement with some fill. But I'm just as comfortable in the studio. I love eyes, the mystery of the spark of life - The sparkle. Meaning... truth.  I also love composition and style of art photography, there are so many things you can explore and have fun with. The happy accidents. 


I have a ton of software I use on faces. Photoshop etc. Layering, cleaning, brightening, smoothing, healing, pimples, wrinkles, etc. No problem. Its all fixable with those fun little tools. I can even do a fair amount of stretching and squishing to make you look cool. Obviously if you need a headshot for an audition you don't want to go too crazy. Anyhow its fun to play in there and tinker around on glossy and flat etc. 

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Serge Rodnunsky

Serge Rodnunsky